20210929 - 01

Meeting of the project management team at Căpriana Monastery, Republic of Moldova: September, 29 – 1 October, 2021

Between September, 29 and October 1, 2021, the management team of the project ”Enhancement of Căpriana Monastery for the Promotion of the Unique Ecclesiastic Heritage by Cross-border Cooperation and Digitization”, 2SOFT/2.1.76 (EnCaMo) from CMNM Iași, Romania travelled to Căpriana Monastery, Republic of Moldova. The meeting of the two project teams (LB and B1) aimed to assess the stage of the project implementation, as well as to assess the microclimate parameters inside the newly founded Museum of Căpriana Monastery.

Also, the travel targeted the dissemination of project information on the actions carried out within the project and the free distribution of the publication edited in it, the Good Practice Guidebook on the Conservation and Valorization of Heritage Objects (Ghid de bune practici privind conservarea și valorificarea obiectelor de patrimoniu) to representatives of religious establishments and museums in the Republic of Moldova, through visits to the Diocese of Ungheni and Nisporeni, Moldova’s National History Museum and the Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of Chișinău.