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Arrangement of the museum of the Căpriana Monastery, April 21-23, 2021

Between 21 – 23 April 2021, the activity of organizing the museum of Căpriana Monastery took place at Căpriana Monastery, Republic of Moldova, within the project Enhancement of Căpriana Monastery for the Promotion of the Unique Ecclesiastic Heritage by Cross-border Cooperation and Digitization”, 2SOFT/2.1.76 (EnCaMo).

Within this activity, a team of the Lead Beneficiary – ”Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iași, together with the team of the Beneficiary – Căpriana Monastery took part to the organisation of the museum.

”St. Hierarch Gavriil” Museum of Căpriana Monastery is the first religious museum in the Republic of Moldova with artefacts resulted from archaeological researches carried out on the premises of the monastery.