20200525 - 01

25th August 2020 – Work visit at Căpriana Monastery, Republic of Moldova

The main purpose of the visit was to train the monastic staff of the future museum within Căpriana Monastery with regards to the means of monitoring the environment parameters. In this regard, the team of the Lead Beneficiary performed practical demonstrations concerning the use of thermo-hygrometers and presented the method used to monitor the daily values of the environment parameters (temperature and relative humidity).

Another objective of the travel was to check the space destined to the future museum. The space was considered to be adequate from the perspective of conservation norms and the legislation in force, being equipped with fire sensors, window protection, etc. At the same time, information exchanges took place concerning the procurement foreseen in the project; these discussions took place between the project managers, the project assistant and the two acquisitions responsible from the team of the Lead Beneficiary and of the Beneficiary.

The travel was done with the vehicle purchased within the project by the Lead Beneficiary.