20210415 - 08

On the 15th and 16th of April 2021, the proceedings of the International Symposium ”Save Together Our Common Heritage!” took place at the headquarters of ”Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iași.

The event, organized according to a well-established schedule, reunited specialists in the field of cultural heritage preservation, academic personalities and representatives of cult institutions from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The symposium was a good opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and experience in view of approaching the most valuable strategies aiming the preservation of the common movable cultural heritage.

At the opening ceremony, moderated by PhD. Lăcrămioara Stratulat, Manager of ”Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iași, the following guests took the floor: PhD. Liviu Brătescu, State Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Romania; Monica Babuc – Deputy, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova; Archimandrite FILARET (Cuzmin), Abbot of Căpriana Monastery, Republic of Moldova;  Bobi Apăvăloaiei – County Department for Culture of Iași; Prof. PhD. Ion Tentiuc – National Museum of Moldova’s History, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova; PhD. Maria Geba, ”Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iași, Manager of EnCaMo project.